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What is Mirrored Ogre?

From the ruins of a keyboard factory that burned in the early 1980s, a synthetic limb reaches out. You shake its melted plastic hand and the sculpture guides you through the electro-sonic structure. In the scorched machine room, a mechanical brain ticks out patterns on a primitive drum machine, sending beats pulsing outward into a dance of flesh and prosthesis. Overhead, through the cracked ceiling, a glass guitar in the sky refracts an ever-morphing harmonic rainbow. 

cutie space cowboy 1.jpg


In the control room sits multi-instrumentalist David Ure (formerly of Insomnia Eternity and Occult Wisdom). His hyperactive hands appear to be terminally grafted to the levers of production, yet he sings clearly—affected, but not obscured, by technology. Over the intercom, Ure's naturalistic voice contorts into stories of time, space, oblivion and infinity. Its echoes penetrate the stuffy air of the factory's office, where traces of a spring afternoon breeze blow in through a poorly sealed window. A tree's shadow dances on a wall. Outside, an impossibly green hill glows in the sun. What is this all about?


In 2011, David Ure had a sickly vision:


Technological singularity as the basis for limitless exploration of pain


Mortality transcendence as a long nerve, stretched out for miles and severed a million times 


Bodily horror self-inflicted by those who can afford Life Contract insurance—the idle youth of an extreme economic elite


With this in mind, he recorded an early demo of the song "Outer Sunland Surgeon," and began writing a Sci-fi novella of the same name, then shelved them both for several years. In 2016, with more knowledge of music production after playing in two bands, he re-recorded "Outer Sunland Surgeon" as part of what would become his new solo project, Mirrored Ogre. From 2018-2019, David finished writing Outer Sunland Surgeon, the novella, mostly during his daily train commute to and from work. Mirrored Ogre's debut album, Outer Sunland Sounds is available for download, and on CD, through Bandcamp. It is also available digitally on Spotify and Apple Music.  


What is a 'mirrored ogre'?

A mirrored ogre is a thieving creature that reflects the vision of others in its mirrored skin. To its victim, a mirrored ogre appears as the enchanting amalgamation of all that one cherishes and seeks. The mirage of its beauty lies in its reflectiveness, but if you look closely at its outer edges, the shape is that of an ogre. The phrase is used in David Ure’s Sci-fi novella, Outer Sunland Surgeon (2020). 


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